Woolworths turns 85

In October 1931, Max Sonnenberg and his son Richard, opened the first Woolworths in the former dining room at the Royal Hotel in Cape Town.

Woolworths survived the Great Depression and went on to do well because of the business model they still maintain 85 years later: quality at a good price. Sonnenberg borrowed this business model and the name ‘Woolworths’ from Woolworths Australia, but beyond those two aspects there has never been a relationship between the two companies.

When I think about Woolworths, I think comfort, elegance and a place where you can get almost anything. Woolworths gave me amazing childhood memories of snuggly pyjamas and yummy sweets, for this reason, I was elated when I got to be one of the faces of their A/W15 collection. This was one of the biggest jobs I had received at the time, I mean my face was on billboards all of a sudden! It is just amazing to work with a brand that you identify so strongly with and also to find out that they are exactly what you think, professional, open and friendly.

Thank you for changing my life Woolies, Happy 85th Birthday!

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