Witchery SS ’17 Collection

With the economy being unpredictable and with most South Africans having to limit their budgets to the things that they need rather than the things that they want, I thought it would be a good idea to profile some clothing investments from Witchery this season.

These items from Witchery count as needs to me because not only are they prices reasonably for such premium quality, they are also items I believe will still be trendy this time next year.

My first favorite thing about Witchery’s new collection is the versatility of each and every range. The easiest way to save money on clothes and still look drop dead gorgeous is to reuse your clothes in as many different styles as possible.

Take this first outfit from Witchery’s Red Alert range- I must say, the name of this range is totally fitting because I feel like a siren in this number! I am wearing an free flowing off the shoulder blouse, ¾ pants which is perfect for me to look good at school and attending lunch meetings, but when I’m rushing from school to a work event and need to look a little more dressed up then I just throw on this stylish red blazer and exchange my never-full tote for a smaller a more edgy bag, in red of course! I just adore this off the shoulder top for its trend forward look, but most of all for its ability to take me from casual to all dressed up in no time.

I decided to go ahead and get a full red outfit for those cool events, like fashion week, where it is vital that one stands out. The top is an easy free flowing top that will look great with just about anything! Tucked into cigarette pants, or a maxi skirt or even just with a pair of jeans for market Saturdays.

TIP: When wearing an outfit that is one color, try to use accessories like these simple yet striking earrings and sunglasses, which are also from Witchery’s new collection, to make you one tone outfit pop even more.

This ensamble is one of my favorites from the First Edition range. This range makes me think of old school Chanel looks, that were the most daring of their time! It finally became ok for women to wear men’s wear inspired looks as well as go all the way outside the box and wear materials like silk and lace outside the bedroom.
This off the shoulder blazer is tucked into a pencil skirt with a bit of a slit and the belt that it comes with. This jacket gives me corporate girl but it is also a nice touch to for a black tie event. The jacket can also be paired with a pair of pants to give it more of an edgy look and with jeans to make it a bit more of a casual look. I really enjoy this off the shoulder jacket most because I love that the off the shoulder trend is not limited to shirts and light blouses, Witchery is definitely pushing the boundries in all the right places with this one.

TIP: Rolling up ones sleeves can seem like a bit of an untidy thing to do with such a classy outfit, but I think that is the perfect way to go from just classy to classy with a serious fashion attitude.

I found the first edition range to be the coolest and most versatile range in the Witchery Spring/ Summer ‘17/’18 collection. This outfit for instance, is an asymmetrical skirt and a corset-like top that are both the most gorgeous color I have seen in a while. The lingerie vibe of this outfit is a must-try this season. I love wearing the two together, but I will definitely be wearing both items with a few contrasting materials, like denim or cotton to give it more of a pop. This is one of those outfits that can take you from day to night by just stepping into a high pair of shoes and adding my favorite accessory from this range, a pearl detailed box bag clutch. The top in this outfit is also a favorite because it looks like a corset around the abdomen and it has a flowing top and relaxed neckline. I love the idea of this top looking like a corset because it makes for a great summer night out statement piece.

TIP: To rock silk and not look like you’re about to hit the sack, try to go for the most feminine, polished pieces and pair them with more structured pieces.

This last look is from the Romantic range, which is also such a fitting name for some of the date night looks one can pull off this summer. I love this floral off the shoulder dress because, as with all the items in this season’s Witchery Collection, it is extremely versatile and can be worn in almost any setting. I love the idea of going to lunch with some of my girls in this outfit then belting the dress up and throwing on this light trench coat to do a little roof top dinner with the hubby!
To stay on trend for this summer and more summers to come, make sure you have at least 1 floral item in your closet, I mean flowers will never be ugly right? I also especially love this Florence heel from the romantic range because it is the perfect summer shoe for any outfit except the ones you wear to the gym! I think I’m going to need these in every color!

TIP: If you’re obsessed with a certain shoe but can’t figure out which of the amazing colors to go for, always go for a nude or black shoe.

So Witchery does it again! Yes to versatility! Yes to affordable! A big YES to premium quality products!

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