So far 2018 has been a year filled with so much excitement and adventure for me so far from new collaborations with brands to dreamy bucket list travel destinations. Last month I got the opportunity to travel to London Town for an Urban Decay All Nighter Experience for the launch of the new ALL NIGHTER CONCEALER. 4Elements Media approached me with this idea beginning of the year and I was super excited especially from witnessing the Urban Decay Reunion Island trip online from the year before through some of my favorite bloggers such as Aisha Baker, Kefilwe Mabote and more… I knew that Urban Decay with 4Elements Media would bring on the fun and games.

Initially I was very nervous about the trip due to the fact that I had so much going on at the time. I was drowning in tests, assignment and other work commitments and just panicking that I was going to be so overwhelmed with adulating that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself. But luckily 4Elements Media and Urban Decay had everything well planned and well thought out for us, making the travelling experience so stress-free and effortless: from packing guidelines, makeup tips, skincare hacks, hangover hacks, flights, sim cards and data, accommodation, visas, itineraries, basically everything was planned to perfection.

March 23rd, the time had come, a weekend away to London, with all of my favorite bloggers and one of my closest friends Melody Molale who was one of the selected bloggers also chosen to be on the trip, I was all packed up and ready to jet off with Virgin Atlantic. When arrived at the airport I was welcomed by Lorinda and Pippa from 4Elements and lead to the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse where all the other girls were. One thing that I noticed about the Virgin Atlantic experience was how the combination of good ambiance, exceptional service, good vibes, unique mood lights, good company and great food made the travelling experience so calming and fun.

Once we had landed in London we all felt the energy that was just so electric. Most would assume that we would have all wanted to rest after an 11hour flight, but there was no missing out on what the streets of London had waiting for us and thanks to the UD Travel Spray Duo our face was set and ready for action. On arrival at our hotel @moxylondonstratford (follow hashtag #atthemoxy) Urban Decay already had loads of gifts waiting for us in our rooms. Once in our rooms , an All Nighter Vault gift on arrival was everything I need for a long wild night. Inside was the

• All Nighter Concealer
• Drop Shot Oil is prefect to mix in with your All Nighter Foundation for a healthy glow, and the
• All Nighter Setting Spray will make sure to keep your make-up in check for up to 16 hours.
Rebound quickly the next day, by spritzing our collagen-laced, radiance-boosting Rebound Spray.

All Nighter Concealer will have you looking like you have nothing to hide with its flawless, matte coverage that comes in 14 shades and this product was actually the main reason why we were there. The packaging is amazing and so compact.

After a power nap, quick shower and an All Nighter face beat we were on our way to london’s underground off for a night that was to be forgotten. First Stop, Lunch at @breddostacos one of the the best Mexican restaurants I have ever been to, the food was so healthy and tasty. They had a great variety of options from fish, beef, vegetarian and even vegan option. YUMMY! Makes me hungry even thinking of it. Next stop was the Urban Decay Store in Carnaby, the energy there was just out of this world. We were welcomed with champagne and a masterclass with the beautiful @Levijadejaylor.

Right after that we headed out to start off our night at London’s sassiest cocktail bar @tonightjosephine this is where the party started, cocktails rolled in, girls gone wild. Make-up touch up you thinking? No need Urban Decay knew they had it all handled my make-up was still intact, added more drama to my eyes with the Troublemaker Mascara for scandalous lashes in prep for our next stop @trapezebar_basement where we had some dinner and danced till our heels fell off. Lol the rest was a blur to be honest. Thanks to the Urban Decay Meltdown Range which formulated to easily remove even the most stubborn waterproof makeup after my wild All Nighter Party. The crazy powerful (yet gentle!) Meltdown Dissolving Spray mists on weightlessly (Feels like nothing honestly) and starts working on contact to instantly dissolve makeup in one swipe—no rubbing or tugging on delicate skin. This was so quick and easy I even made it on time to our PJ Party back at the hotel to end off our night with more cocktails, pillow fights, pictures and games.

The morning after was well… The morning after knock at the door at 7am and Urban Decay to the rescue with their Rehab Make-up prep essentials-
• Rehab Makeup Prep Pore Refining Peel which is like a vacuum for your pores, this easy-to-use, peel-off mask immediately draws out impurities—leaving pores visibly cleaner, more refined and smaller-looking. Smooth and brighten your complexion.
• Rehab Makeup Prep Pretty Gritty Skin Polish. Gentle enough for everyday use (yet crazy effective!), this skin-polishing powder exfoliates as it cleanses. Refines your complexion and get prepped, smoothed and ready for the perfect application. And to end it all off some,
• Rehab Makeup Prep Hot Springs Hydrating Gel. Hydrates, balances and energizes your complexion post cleansing. Made for prepping skin for makeup, this benefit-packed gel has an ultra-lightweight, watery feel.

This is pretty much all I needed, and off we headed out for some London sightseeing, and last minute shopping before we head of to the airport. Urban Decay had to make sure that they had another surprise up their sleeve. The VICE Metal Meets Matte Lipstick Palette!!!! I have been dying to try out this Palette for ages it is the makeup junkie’s go-to for overnighters, Vice Metal Meets Matte Lipstick Palette features 12 addictive shades from our massive lipstick collection (six are new). The perfect lineup to take you from nighttime into the next morning, this limited-edition palette contains six metallized shades and six matte shades—from dark, sultry hues to failsafe neutrals to bold brights. This is also the perfect travel companion to take with you on the Underground, the plane, and anywhere else this crazy place takes you and for every occasion and outfit.



And that was it, a night that was to be remembered forever, made new friends, met new people and went to new places. Off to the airport, we had a relaxing stay at the Virgin Atlantic Heathrow Terminal 3 Lounge, which was such an exceptional space, the interior and facilities were really world class and ground breaking. Just what we needed to clock out our all-nighter experience in preparation for our long journey back home.






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Images credited: @Leandri.Photography

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    1. Hey Sarah,

      Great entry. Please start blogging too, saw you on Cynthia’s vlog.

      To be honest I dont know my concealer shade (hope this won’t count against me) because I’m still trying to collect make up products so that I can start using make up.

      #UrbanDecaySA #UDAllNighter

  1. Hey hey, I’m so excited for the competition and also I thoroughly your post and I followed your trip. My shade is medium dark (neutral)!!
    #UrbanDecaySA #UDAllNighter

  2. Hi Sarah! My shade of the urban decay all nighter concealer is medium-light warm. It’s literally so amazing, covers up all my acne scars and under eye circles.
    #UrbanDecaySA #UDAllNighter

  3. I was already giving this product the side eye when it launched on social media. It was trying to impress me with it’s fancy outfit with laser cutouts 😍 so intrigued. My shade is medium light warm 💕

  4. Hi there, Sarah love all your make up and skin care tips on your site and Instagram page. Been following all of you ladies Brett, Melody, Cynthia on this trip so much fun. My shade is dark Golden #UrbanDecaySA #UDAllNighter

  5. Hi Sarah, I wish i was in the siutcase when you went to london. London is definatly on my bucket list. My shade is Dark, Golden #UrbanDecaySA #UDAllNighter

  6. Hello Sarah. I’m struggling with my skin and I am in desperate need of these products to cover it all. My shade is Medium light neutral #UrbanDecaySA #UDAllNighter

  7. Hi Sarah! 😊
    I was so envious when I saw your guys’ posts on the trip.
    I am the shade Medium-Dark Warm.
    #UrbanDecaySA #UDAllNighter

  8. Hi Sarah
    My shade is medium dark (nuetral)..I was also there in London with u ladies..via Twitter..insta-stories😉

  9. Hi Sarah


    The waterproof formula stays put until the morning and for that I simply love it. since i love dancing so much.
    #UrbanDecaySA #UDAllNighter

  10. Hey Sarah 😭 , my shade is the medium light. #UrbanDecaySA #UDAllNighter
    Keep up the amazing work you’re doing💫

  11. Hey Sarah. I’m so excited to participate in this competition😁. My shade is Medium dark neutral😃. #UrbanDecaySA #UDAllNighter

  12. I know this is totally of topic but the bags you wore on both nights are so cute 😭. Anyway my shades are Extra deep neutral & and fair warm. #UrbanDecaySA #UDAllNighter

  13. I’m a combination of fair neutral and light warm. Just tested the shades last night and I would loooove these products ! Just what a mum of 2 boys needs 😅

  14. I don’t use make up as much but I really like following you and I like the way you put on your make up.I wanna try thus make up thing.I don’t know my shade but its your completion or one shade darker..
    #UbarnDecaySA #UDAllnighter

  15. Medium light warm #UrbanDecaySA #UDAllNighter. This is the best as it will cover my spots. What would we do without full coverage!

  16. Just wanted to say that because of you I have found a passion for make up and especially fashion and because of you I have gained the confidence to #ShootMyShot2018 ❤️

  17. Hey Sarah! Hope you’re good. 🙂 my shade is Medium Neutral. Hope to win this contest!! ✨ #UrbanDecaySA and #UDAllNighter

  18. Hey Sarah! Hope you’re good. 🙂 my shade is Medium Neutral. Hope to win this contest!! ✨ #UrbanDecaySA and #UDAllNighter

  19. Hey Sarah! Hope you’re good. 🙂 my shade is Medium Neutral. Hope to win this contest!! ✨✨ #UrbanDecaySA and #UDAllNighter

  20. Hi Sarah, I’m completely obsessed with your Instagram, the articles u post on your blog and not forgetting your pictures 😩.None to say the less I’m a fan of yours 🙈. My #UrbanDecay All Nighter concealer shade match is Medium Dark Warm. #URBBANDECAYSA #UDALLNIGHTER

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