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I love living in South Africa, because as cold as it is in winter, it never really gets too cold and winter sun allows us to still play with some of our summer and autumn outfits.

My favorite summer/autumn looks to play around with are by BOSS Women’s wear. Elegant items that are both bold and feminine and can be dressed up or down.

This look for example, is one of those looks that make you feel a little Parisian and lucky for us, we don’t have to endure Parisian cold to enjoy a Parisian summer look.

The Vubali skirt has rich double-face crepe that is constructed into a layered, asymmetrical-hem skirt. I like this skirt for a winter look because it has a strong, warm material and it comes in a summer bright color that will ensure you stand out amongst all the black and grey this winter.

Image by Trevor Stuurman

The structure and timeless design of the Eriba knitted sweater represent the look of a classic BOSS Women’s-wear sweater, featuring elastic cotton and a fitted silhouette to keep you warm and modest but still sexy.

“Staple P” Printed Pumps are my favorite thing about this look. They ooze classy! These Italian leather pumps have signature spring print that adorns these exclusive shoes.

The Italian-made Bespoke soft satchel that I used to finish off this look is detailed with an oversize lock closure in brushed metal. Expandable side panels and a detachable shoulder strap allow for versatile carrying. I love how relaxed yet classy this bag can be.

Image by Trevor Stuurman

Image by Trevor Stuurman

This look is even better for our mild winter because, paired with a coat, it could completely be a winter look.

The sleeveless jumpsuit features a relaxed cut with regular length and a distinctive color-blocking design. There is a waist belt on this elegant overall that can serve as a contemporary option for a more casual look.

Image by Trevor Sturman

I really love the versatility of the Bespoke soft satchel, so I decided to use this bag again for this look so you all can see why I actually love it so much. This version of the Italian-made satchel is made out of a luxurious croco-print.

Image by Trevor Stuurman

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