The Gateway Fashion Preview Show and Concert

So with the Durban July rush coming to an end, I finally found time to sit back and reflect on some of my most loved Durban fashion and music highlights that I had been dying to share with you over the past few days. I must say IT HAS BEEN AMAZING! Durban has shown me all of its beauty and vibrancy in full force during the month of June and July. Not only have I fallen in-love with all of the city’s culture, fashion, history, music and lifestyle, but I have also fallen madly in-love with the energy of the city. The locals are amazing and so friendly, I managed to connect with so many people and was happy to be able to meet some if my KZN based supporters.

So what’s the Durban vibe? Just a few days before the Durban July, all the locals and fashion and entertainment personalities and influencers meet for the Gateway Fashion Preview and Concert in preparation for the Vodacom Durban July. This is where one can find lots of local and international fashion trends and inspiration designed and styled to suit the annual theme of the Vodacom Durban July. Taking place on 30th June, Gateway’s Vodacom Durban July Preview Fashion Show and Concert is the ultimate pre-race day fashion event incorporating the history of fashion and a decades of horse racing.

The Style Stable installation was what most of us were all talking about. The Style Stable found at Gateway (opposite Circus Circus) was open to the public during the 15 till the 30 of June to promote Gateway Theatre of Shopping as the ultimate fashion destination in KZN, especially when it comes to race day fashion, incorporating the essence of all things horses and horse racing events such as designer hats, sketches of gorgeous fashion pieces and retro photographs collected over the years to help us appreciate all of the history, glam and rich heritage of the horse racing tradition of the city.


This year’s theme as “It Is Time,” had designers breaking boundaries and finding new ways to be creative and innovative in their designs for the Durban July. TheGateway Fashion Preview and Concert  provided theseSouth African Designers, as well as fresh, young talent with the platform to showcase their interpretation of what “It Is Time,” means to them. These designers included the likes of Brenda Quin, Hanrie Lues, Katekani Moreku, Leona Magdelene Pillay, Madelain Clark, Martin Steenkamp, Paledi Segapo, JJ Schoeman, Zama Mathe, Vino Moodley, Sandile Duke Mngadi, Kathrin Kidger, Casey Jeanne and Leigh Schubert. I was lucky enough to be able to wear one of the local designers, Kathrin Kidger who happened to be the hit of the night, dressed by most celebrities and personalities. Thank you to Kathrin Kidger I absolutely loved my look it was so feminine and versatile, just my kind of dress for a night of fun and fashion.

I love this theme because time is so important for designers,” Fashion Programme Director Tiffany Prior

A very good friend of mine Tatum Keshwar was also named the Face of Gateway Fashion Preview and Concertgolden girl, who was born and lived in Durbanand has attended over 17 Durban July events in South African Designer showstoppers. Ten years ago, Tatum shot the signature Vodacom Durban July campaign in a stable, and the association has come full circle a decade later with The Style Stable and the tenth anniversary of the Gateway Fashion Preview and Concert. Tatum was also captured in a short fashion film shared on social media platforms..


Fashion stories series on the heritage of South African Designers and Retailers in Gateway Theatre of Shopping, will be shared and updated weekly via this link in the month of Africa’s Greatest Horseracing Event. Follow all the Gateway Fashion Preview and Concert action from last week and the week before on Twitter and Instagram following the official hashtag #GWFP2018 or check out my Instagram feed for some of the posts that I went live from the Gateway fashion preview and concert.


Comment below and tell me what you think about the Gateway Fashion Preview and Concert.

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