Women’s month is proving to be a great time for conversation in our country as we watched many South Africans vote and become even more loud and proud about their views. For this reason, I was very excited when Brutal Fruit asked me to join some incredible women in the industry for a sharing of opinions at the #BFRoundtable.

The roundtable has been a great platform for women to share their opinions without judgment and educate each other with love. The Brutal Fruit Roundtable has been an experience like no other, allowing our opinions to be heard and creating conversations that need to be had amongst women.

The aim of the #BFRoundtable #SheRocks campaign is to give women a platform to say only positive things about each other because too often women bring each other down as opposed to lifting each other up and educating each other so that we can be more empowered and give these boys a run for their money! This is something I totally stand behind, and with that I leave you with a quote I live by:

“That is the motto women should constantly repeat over and over again. Good for her!” –Amy Poehler

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