On Trend: Convertible Heels

New trend alert!! I’m so excited to talk about this new trend, because it is one of those strange things that could only be dawned by the best of the fashion rebels. Convertible heels. So it’s not what you think…

When I was younger, we used to step on the backs of our school shoes and turn them into slip ons and our parents and teachers were far from impressed, which only makes sense because we were ruining the structure of our school shoes.

+/- 10 years later we finally get to be the fashion rebels we always wanted to be in school and brands like Gucci, Acne Studios and Everlane are backing our movement.



I know most people will have mixed feeling about this trend but I just adore the idea of functional fashion and pieces that can be worn in different ways. This makes buying expensive shoes worth it…TWICE!

What do you think of the convertible heel trend fashionistas? What makes you a fashion rebel?

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