Modern Modest Dressing

Modest dressing is this great debate amongst women in all religions, cultures and races. While some believe that modest dressing is a part of some patriarchal guideline designed by men to curb their sexual impulse, others- myself included- believe that it is a personal decision that doesn’t have to be ugly or boring either. I see modest dress as a personal code of respectable dress and behavior.

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When dressed modestly, I tend to treat myself a little differently, instead of appeasing the vanity that comes with working in social media, I find myself just appeasing me and staying true to who I am at all times, and that is what it is all about for me, making sure that we are all comfortable and not judged purely because we don’t dress the same, or we view ways of dressing differently.

Image by: Worthathovsandwords

In my quest to find out about modern modest dressing I, naturally, trolled the social media streets until I found one of my favorite Influencers, Nabilah Kariem, who I was lucky enough to do a collaboration with on some cool ways to dress modestly.

Nabilah Kariem. Shot by: Worthathovsandwords

Nabilah is a Muslim girl from Cape Town, whose brand is built around modern modest dressing and striking the perfect poses to show off her perfectly layered outfits. Collaborating with Nabilah on this shoot was the perfect thing to do for my curiosity as well as to create an interesting variety of content for my brand.

Image by: Worthathovsandwords

We put together some really cool layered monochrome looks using items that would not normally be paired the way that we’ve done. All our outfit details are below. Don’t be afraid to go through the whole gallery, I am just in love with these powerful images shot by the incomparable worthathovsandwords.

I am wearing:

Sunglasses: Celine from Luvant

Top: Zara

Pants: Diane Paris

Shoes: Dior from Luvant

Nabilah is wearing:

Headscarf: The Scarf Company @thescarfcompany

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Scarf: The Scarf Company @thescarfcompany

Shirt: Country Road

Dress: Country Road

Boots: Zara

Follow Nabilah (@nabilahkariem) for more modern modest dressing info. Also, do me a favor… Please harass her about starting blog in her comments!

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