L’Oreal Paris x Balmain

A couple weeks ago, I received a gorgeous delivery that had me thinking someone sent me a box of hidden treasure from Egypt or something, that is just how luxurious this packaging looked. To my pleasant surprise, it was from L’Oreal Paris. I was intrigued to say the least, especially since hearing about their collaboration with Kardashian go-to Couture designer, Olivier Rousteing in September of 2017.

I delicately opened the box and revealed 3 panels, each stocked with 4 marble print lipsticks that make up a collection of 12 couture lipsticks. At this point I could swear I heard angels sing. Opening and swatching each brave, powerful and velvety matte shade felt like trying on a look by Mr. Olivier Rousteing himself! That’s why I thought I should update all my readers about this luxurious collection, since it finally dropped in South Africa on the 13th of March.

The collection was exclusively available on Foschini Online and sold as a full collection consisting of 12 lipsticks and retailed for R2900. That sound like a hell of a lot of money to pay for just lipstick, I know, but this is couture we’re talking about here people and in actual fact, divided up that’s only R242 per designer lipstick. A whole collection of different looks for your Instagram aesthetic at R2900, sounds like an absolute steal to me, and to many other stylish South Africans it seems, because the collection sold out within a few hours of its debut in the country!

When I talk about luxury, I’m not just considering the name attached to the lipsticks, but the quality of the actual product too. These lipsticks are all so easy to apply because the glide right over the lips with a velvet touch that appears matte, bold and POPPING! The formula of the lipstick itself is just excellent overall, as to be expected from make up powerhouse L’Oreal Paris and the lasting power is almost forever, absolutely no worries of it smudging. There are also just so many colors in the designer collection that it was hard to swatch just one arm, which is another reason this collection is worth every cent!

Shade no. 355 Domination

It is extremely hard to pick just one favorite from the 12-piece collection but I am completely in love with the 365 Confidence. It is a transparent lipstick that has the same velvety touch as the rest of the collection, isn’t necessarily glossy but definitely not dry, and has a shimmery appearance, which is perfect for a night out with your girls. Who ever thought one would own a blue lipstick? That’s one of the things I love about this collection, it is made for the woman who is powerful and brave enough to step out of her comfort zone, are you that woman?

Shade no. 356 Confidence

Comment below with your thoughts on this iconic collaboration and feel free to tag me I all your fashion forward L’Oreal x Balmain looks on Instagram with #lorealxbalmain.

Shade no. 647 Urban Safari

Shade no. 905 Balmain Instinct

Shade no. 468 Liberation

Shade no. 648 Glamazone

Shade n0. 902 Legend

Shade no. 650 Power

Shade no. 646 Confession

Shade no. 469 Fever

Shade no. 467 Freedom

Shade no. 901 Rebellion

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