Jo Malone London Meets Woolworths

Finally the time has come and I have access to my most loved products from one of my favourite brands, Jo Malone London. Jo Malone London is now available at Woolworths and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. The popular retailer, Woolworths has now extended their beauty and fragrance range at their big retailers and flagship stores including Sandton and Mall of Africa, not only to create a more attractive and spacious beauty and fragrance retail environment for all the initial brands that they offered but also to introduce new and specific brands for consumers like myself who want to able to find everything that they need at one destination. Jo Malone London is a British born brand that I have used for 3years now and I must admit I have never been disappointed with their quality of products and service delivery.

As one of the leading British fragrance and lifestyle brands Jo Malone London has captured me through their ability to create such unique and elegant scents that are inspired by some of the most innovating stories based on different locations and elements of nature from all over the world. The British fragrance house has such a wide product range from elegantly simple scents, colognes, bath, body to even home fragrances. When it comes to personalisation and gift selection, Jo Malone London has perfected the concept of fragrance combining and the ability to layer different fragrances to create a scene that is uniquely you! I was also introduced to the concept of the “Art of Gifting” through the iconic and elegant way in which Jo Malone London products have been packaged, it is honestly one of the most beautiful distinctive and  understated gifts to give to absolutely anyone for every occasion. If you are interested in finding out more about the Jo Malone London Art of Gifting you can read up about it from one of my previous articles by clicking on this link: JO MALONE LONDON ART OF GIFTING.

not only will you be able to have access to these amazing products but you will also be able to experience these amazing services at your convenience

Shopping for scents can be one of the most confusing purchases, probably not classified as an impulsive purchase because of the nature of fragrances. This is why Jo Malone London stores offer a variety amazing services related to the testing and pairing of different fragrances such as hand/arm massages, fragrance layering and product trailing. With the launch of their new Jo Malone counters at selected Woolworth’s stores, not only will you be able to have access to these amazing products but you will also be able to experience these amazing services at your convenience. As a Jo Malone London fanatic I decided that I had to go to my local woollies and give this experience a try myself. So I stopped by the Woolworths in Sandton City and stopped by the Jo Malone London Counter to check out the new HOT BLOSSOMS collection, I was greeted by one of the Jo Malone experts who offered to give me a proper store experience, I told her what are they key scents that I find appealing to my personality and mentioned that my fragrance selection has to be able to compliment my life style. She recommended a variety of scents and the idea of fragrance layering to create a unique and personalised scent. I also got to experience new collection HOT BLOSSOMS inspired by the streets of Brazilian carnivals and warmed by exotic Brazilian copahuresin and creamy tonkabeans.


I learnt so much about the brand’s ingredients that have some of the most rare imported ingredients and also how diverse and cultural the brand is. The best part was that after the store experience I got to continue doing my winter shopping and get monthly grocery shopping done, while waiting for the fragrances to set and mature on my skin and I went back to the counter my way out to make my final decision as to which fragrance to purchase that will definitely work best for me.

Although Jo Malone London X Woolworths  does not offer the full selection of the Jo Malone London product range, they offer all of the-go-to and most popular products that are quick and easy to purchase. They also provide an amazing atmosphere for consumers that have never experienced the brand to have greater accessibility to the brand’s products and services and help those consumers find it easier and less intimidating start their own journey with the brand. I must say I am really impressed by the level of service that I received, the friendliness of the staff, the overall experience and the convenience factor.

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