Introducing: NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Range

I am so excited to announce that I have found the answer to all our pigmentation problems ladies…

The New NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Cleansing Range! I’m always keen to try out new skin products for my readers and I have to say, I am really excited that I tried this range because it works really quickly and best of all, it fits perfectly into my on the go lifestyle.

Take the new addition to the NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Cleansing Range for instance, the NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Micellar Cleansing Water, it’s the first Micellar Water in the NIVEA Perfect & Radiant even tone range and is already doing wonders for deep cleansing, make-up and oil removal on my skin, all in on easy step and on the go. With Spring having sprung in Johannesburg, there is a lot of dust in the air and sometimes I just feel like washing my face in the middle of the day, so this product is the perfect fit for me and anyone else with oily skin or even just someone looking for an effective make-up removal product that isn’t harmful to the skin or leaves it dry and uncomfortable.

When I attend photo shoots I usually wear quite a bit of make-up, sometimes the make-up is reapplied a few times throughout the shoot. I often leave a shoot with three layers of mascara on, which is one of the hardest parts of removing one’s make up. One almost has to rub one’s eyelashes off to make sure the make-up is gone. Thank goodness NIVEA has consistently provided the best cleansing wipes for easy make-up removal too! The NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Micellar 3-in-1 Cleansing Wipes are easy to use and you only need one wipe to remove all your make-up in one gentle swipe, even your mascara. The wipes are convenient and not only remove make-up, but use the Micellar technology to cleanse skin, remove stubborn waterproof make-up as it works like a magnet and gently moisturise the skin.
Both the NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Micellar Cleansing Water and Wipes are two products that I simply must have in my handbag at all times!

When I am not in a rush I like to give my skin that spa facial feeling so I decided to also try out the Perfect & Radiant 3-in-1 Mattifying cleanser from NIVEA which acts as a face wash, scrub and mask all in one convenient travel size 50ml tube. I am in love with this product because it has worked to reduce dark marks and uneven skin tone in just two weeks of gentle daily cleansing, what more can a girl ask for?

Any skin cleansing routine incorporates an effective toner, and if you’re like me, you need one that controls shine and leaves your skin feeling fresh but not tight. NIVEA’s Perfect & Radiant Cleansing range has the answers for us yet again with the NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Toning Lotion for oily skin. It is applied gently to the skin with a cotton pad after cleansing and voilà effective shine control with NIVEA’s gentle care is achieved!

I highly recommend every lady suffering from dark spots, uneven skin tone and oily skin should try out at least one of the products in this range consistently for two weeks.

If you would like to find your #PerfectFit, comment below explaining why you need the NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Cleansers in your life and you could win a hamper comprising of the new cleansers plus a stunning toiletry bag.

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  1. Wow, sounds exciting. I have stubborn dark marks on my cheeks, I have tried so
    Many products and they just don’t want disappear. I’m very exited about this range. Thank you so much for sharing. 🌷

  2. Wow, Sounds exciting. This really is good news to me. I have very stubborn dark marks on my cheek from pimples when I was a teenager. I have tried so may products and oil but they wont disappear, i hate them so much, I have to wear a lot of make up to hide. I will definitely try this range and let you know how it goes, Thanks so much for sharing. So excited.

  3. I’ve never been one to wear a lot of make up and was always confident when it came to my skin. Now that my melanin ain’t popping I am forced to beat my face to cover all my dark marks. I need, as in need this as much as I need to breath. Having Nivea perfect & raidiant cleansers in my life will help get my confidence back so that I can lay back on the make up and do me again ✨

  4. i am one person that has always suffered from oily skin, although i don’t have very dark marks, they are dark enough and just won’t go away. I would love to get hold of a product that works, tired of hopping from one skin product to another with little hope or results in search of even, clear, non greasy and importantly moisturized skin. i am not one to wear make-up but every once in a while, but for the majority of time i spent with a naked face, i would love to be confident in how i look without it.

  5. Yes please I would love to try this for my pigmentation especially on my cheeks. I have tried many products but it just fades for a while and comes back. I don’t want to hide behind my make up forever.

  6. I would really like to try #PerfectFit.I have a very oily skin yet sensitive & uneven skin tone every six months I buy new products But all of them never helped me with my problems.i lost hope because I even do mask and scrub but no result

  7. Hi there,I have really oily skin and find myself going through so many products. I like yourself would love to find a breakthrough to deal with the oily skin and dark marks!

  8. I HV always suffered from an uneven toned skin,with pimples that just can’t go away.I’m always mistaken as a 45 years old lady because of my body and my face is also not doing any justice as I look old.
    Iv bought nivea toner the blue bottle..but its not working, iv also tried ponds range I’m simply giving face is oily,greedy,with pimples and dark marks.. I’m saved by editing my photos to look good in them.I really need one product that can work on my face.

  9. Thanks so much for sharing. I’ve been looking for something I could use on my face and this seems like it could be the one ☺️. I’ve always just washed my face with normal soap and it’s so oily. It’s time I took better care of it😉

  10. the perfect product for the most unperfect skin. I really truly honestly will recommend this product to everyone who loves beautiful really works

  11. I just gave birth to my third baby. .and oh my word. I developed huge dark marks which I thought I would never see on my face..what a blessing to hear there is actually something that works. Really for me it has to be quick and easy .because I’m a working mom of three….I would definitely try it…

  12. This aounds so awesome.
    I have tried so many products to give me even skin tone, this could really be my game changer….Thank you so much for sharing Sahra. Warm regards

  13. Iv always wanted to try this new range as I have a combination skin that results in an uneven skin tone and some oiliness in my T-Zone. Did I mention that having thos type of skin is not helping with my pregnancy 😂.

    After your amazing review I know exactly what I need for that perfect glowy mom-to-be radiance!

  14. This would be perfect to help me with the pigmentation that has recently invaded my skin on my face in the last trimester of my pregnancy. I was just thinking the other day my face looks terrible I hope i will find a product that can help with the pregnancy pigmentation and this sounds like the answer to my prayers.

  15. Hi there Sarah!

    Well I have been a Nivea user for the longest time. I started it in grade 11 2010. I work a lot and work long hours without the ability to freshen up. I tried other products from other ranges but they were not as loyal. I have normal to combination skin and the toners have served me well. Very well. I do wear a lot of makeup that causes random breakouts on my forehead and chin area. Super annoying. Every Sunday I try to have a day of pampering. Where I do my masks, scrubs and all that good stuff. But that is like once a week. I’ve heard good things about this range,and wanted to try it out as soon possible cause it seems like it would serve as an everyday treatment preventing the build-up. And breakouts. I work long hours and try eating as healthy as I can. Water plus a good skincare routine is a girl’s best friend to having good skin.

    Niveas skincare range, facial and body care, is absolutely phenomenal and would love to try out this range. 😊

  16. I think this is what I’ve been looking for, because I’ve tried a lot of products recommended by other people but they never help me with my oily skin and dark spots. I even make my own scrubs but it’s still the same. I’m skin reacted badly to normal wipes when removing makeup, so I decided to use coconut oil to remove it. Sometimes I’m even forced to sleep with makeup on when I run out 😩

    So these products are really needed and they’ll help me alot.

  17. I’ve been struggling with finding a product that will help combat my skin problems – patchy skin, uneven tone and oily t-zone. As a student I find that I can’t afford most of the products that I lust over but I think with this Nivea hamper I might find a product I’ll consistently come back to. Xo

  18. This product sounds amazing. I have oily skin and have found it difficult to find something that suites my skin. I walk to and from campus everyday in an attempt to keep fit, which is about 10km’s a day. Getting to campus on a hot or windy day my face usually feels sweaty and to wash your face at campus is not exactly something you’d like to do. But with the wipes and cleansing water I think my problem should be solved.

  19. I can personally say all the above is true I’ve tried it all and this range is the only thing that worked for me. Thanks for sharing!

  20. I would like to try this out as I’ve literally tried everything under the sun, from ponds to neutrogena to Clinique but I still don’t have the even skin tone I’ve been looking for. So I’m taking your word and hope this will finally help with my pigmentation

  21. I have been having such a hard time with my skin and being a student with a low budget it’s hard to buy the full skin care line… I’ve always suffered from uneven skin tone and it really mean so much if I could win this!

  22. My first year at varsity and it’s taking some getting use to and a couple of stress pimples that left dark scars… winning this hamper would mean so much!

  23. Also thanks for making me more aware of Niveas skin care products… Nivea has always being a reliable brand that never disapppoints! 🌸

  24. I’ve always had oily skin but it recently (a year or so ago) became worse. I would have a new pimple on my face every morning and I struggled with controlling the shine. Now my face is covered in acne scars, I don’t break out as often but my skin is extremly oily. I can’t wear make up (to cover my scars) cause even with the most matte of foundation formulas my skin always ends up looking like I showered in oil in an hour. As expected my confidence has take a knock. I’ve tried every product on shelf, both high and low end products. I’m yet to find a product that mattifies and evens out my acne scars. Please pick me to try this product out. I’m literally at my wits end.

  25. Wow this is a must to try out… you have basically given all the answers one would ask questions about the product.. ive been on a search for products that best suite my skin its very oil in the T area which tends to breakout alot.. and with other products my skin gets very dry and irritated or burns my skin leaving behind terrible marks… this is really a BIG must to try..

  26. I’ve always been bogged down with the 9-5 grind, in turn I have failed to invest in my skin as much as I should. This left me buying products here and there, but never actually consistently using them!(Bad I know!) I have now quit my job and decided to do life, do me, and do a different kind of grind all together. Self care is important, and I now realize this each day. I’ve now started to prioritize myself and my needs, winning this competition will definitely give my skin the boost it needs!
    Thanks for inspiring us with all your hard work and beautiful content! @lifewithsherri xoxo

  27. I would love to give the Nivea #PerfectFit a try, I’m actually a big fan of Nivea products, from body wash to lip balms they never disappoint. I’ve got some stubborn dark marks that I’ve been trying to get rid off and I think Nivea might help.

  28. I’ve been battling with some dark marks/spots thinking they will never go away. Facial products can be expensive especially if you’re a student like me. You’ve given me hope 💕.
    I will try this products ASAP.
    Thanks for the review 🙂

  29. Read this post a few weeks ago and I ran to dischem to get the micellar water 😭😭😭😭😍so glad I did !! I was a bit surprised with how big the bottle was😂but I got over it figured it would last longer ! I love the micellar water so much really gets rid of dirt I don’t wear too much make up so I’m mostly use it as a toner texture of my skin is so much softer and dark spots are fading 🙌🏽 keen to try out the rest of the tange😭🙌🏽 To get this flawless skin😩😬

  30. Thank you for sharing such a great product! 🤗 Nivea is such a reliable brand and never disappoints. This would be absolutely perfect for me as I have suffered from uneven skin forever… and being a student skincare ranges can be abit out of our budgets… Would be so amazing if I could win this hamper 😭💖

  31. Hi Sarah, love love love your take on these products and the way you have really broken down how they have worked for you. It’s truly convincing, especially for someone like me who’s always sceptical about trying new products; as I am loyal to death *ha ha*!
    Anyway, thank you for this and I’d love to be able to try this new Nivea product. I suffer with uneven skin tone, heavy eye bags and constantly looking tired and dehydrated. I’d love to be chosen as the lucky one to try out this beautiful set of Nivea products. Thank you S

  32. Hey there 😊
    Gish, this sounds AMAZING. I can’t afford most of the face treatments for my skin but I recently had a bad breakout on my face due to a ponds product that I recently tried and it’s been horrible ever since. I have dark marks on my face and it always seems like my skin has a rash. This would be awesome to have and hopefully give me that glow everyone is talking about.

  33. I have always suffered with oily skin and uneven skin tone, and bad dark spots after breakouts. I can’t seem to find the right products that takes care of my oily skin without drying it out. I would love to try the Perfect fit range

  34. If it can make my scar less dark cos it’s bad.not that I want it to remove it completely I mean I got the scar when I was still a baby I have never seen myself without it it’s part of me ..I just want it lighter😘😘☀️

  35. Hi Sarah. I’m a person who has extremely oily skin and I have struggled to get a range for my face that does not dry it up or make it too oily since my skin already produces too much of its own natural oil. I’ve had to deal with using vanishing creams which I absolutely hate because they leave my face feeling extremely dry and ashy. I hope if i can try the new NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Cleansing it will be good to my skin. I’d really love to give it a try because I use the nivea body lotion with avocado oil for my body and I love how it moisturises because I honestly hate looking ashy 😂😂😂

  36. l have a terrible sensitive skin that at times l feel its way too costly for someone who is a student. l tend to have hormonal acne that leaves my skin uneven and patchy. l need the NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Cleansers to give me the radiance my skin ones had when l was young and carefree. And to assist me with the confidence to walk outside with my bare skin.

  37. l have a terrible sensitive skin that at times l feel its way too costly for someone who is a student. l tend to have hormonal acne that leaves my skin uneven and patchy. l need the NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Cleansers to give me the radiance my skin ones had when l was young and carefree. And to assist me with the confidence to walk outside with my bare skin. #PerfectFit

  38. Hi Sarah, love love love how you’ve broken down each of the products for us and emphasising how it’s worked for you. It’s truly convincing. Especially for someone like me who hardly ever switches products, as I am loyal to death *ha ha*. Anyway, my one issue with my skin is uneven tone and constant dehydration. I literally always look tired even when I’m not. It really seems as if NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Range would be the perfect fit for a student like myself as it comes of very affordable. Thanks again for your review, it’s been truly informative. All I have to do now is cross my fingers and hope you choose me.

  39. Hi Sarah

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve tried several products for uneven skin tone (and I’m still on the lookout). Hoping to try something that will actually work and based on your review, this could be it. I also wear makeup daily so looking for a product that can thoroughly cleanse, without leaving my skin dry and dull.

  40. Hi Sarah. Thanks for explaining in simple terms. I have always loved Nivea products, used to use it when I was still a kid. I would appreciate getting a hamper.

  41. Hi Sarah,
    I use strictly nivea products and I will like to try nivea perfect & radiant range for my combination skin(oily face and not too dry body. I have gone to all the drugs stores in Lagos Nigeria but not available. Pls I will appreciate if u can help me out.
    Thank you

  42. I would like to try this products.i have dark marks around my face, uneven skin tone and pimples. Hope it works, I tried so many products.

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