Featured Influencer – Trevor Stuurman

The topic of influencers has really gotten heated over the last couple of months, with a lot of people of the opinion that we don’t really do anything for a living. Since this blog is called ‘Influenced’, I figured why not highlight some of my favourite Influencers and give you a little information about some of the hard work we put into the work that we do.

When I though about which one of my incredible friends to write about, the first person that came to mind was one of the most talented people I know, Trevor Stuurman. I can’t remember exactly how Trevor and I met, but it was years ago, before either of us got any attention. I admire Trevor because he is one of few people I know who is naturally curious and obsessed with his craft.

In 2012, the things I admire about this man, as well as his style and skills behind the camera won him the title of ELLE’s Style reporter, which is what fast tracked his career in the fashion industry, motivating him to dream bigger and work harder. Since is big win, he has contributed to a number of other fashion magazines such as; Grazia, Glamour, Edgars Club Magazine and MKM (Markham Digital Mag). The young powerhouse has also had his hand in styling music videos for Spoek Mathambo and styling the Markham Winter 2014 campaign.

With all these bookings, there is no doubt that my dear friend and one of the most colourful artists out there works hard and with over 78,4k followers on Instagram is definitely influencing somebody!

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