Featured Influencer: Lerato Kgamanyane

You will all notice by now that I love me a woman for women, so picking this month’s featured influencer was a` no brainer, seeing that the slogan for her blog HellenRose is literally “For women, by women”. Lerato Kgamanyane has got to be one of my favorite influencer/ bloggers on the come up right now.

This gorgeous, smart and bubbly woman has her hand in every pie right now, her content just gets better and better and she keeps reaching for the stars with her platform for women to be heard.

The HellenRose website is a creative and social platform where women from different walks of life are encouraged to be creative and write about some of the things close to their hearts. The ‘Personal’ tab on her website is one of my favorite spaces to spend time reading about other women’s stories I can relate to and some I just learn from.

“…It is where the importance and lifestyles of women are acknowledged and their strength, resolve, power and creativity is celebrated. Where their own competence and abilities, and the incredible impact that they have in industry and society is transparently pronounced.”

Lerato has started recently started vlogging and I must say, I am inspired. In her first post she mentioned that she is working on something big for HellenRose, an online store, with strictly female vendors! How awesome is that?! Follow her on Instagram @Lerato_Kgamanyane and click here to keep an eye on her blog so you can keep up to date with the growth of this amazing platform!

I worked with Lerato on a Cosmopolitan x Bulgari shoot, and she is not only stunning and kind, but she is also extremely smart and has a level of professionalism that we could all get inspired by. These are the kinds of stories that give me hope in the blogging industry in South Africa. Kudos to you Miss Kgamanyane, stay golden!

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