Featured Influencer: Aqeelah Harron-Ally

From fashion must haves and beauty tips to modern modest dressing ideas, 27 year old wife, blogger and make up artist Aqeelah Harron-Ally is one of my favourite fashion bloggers who has genuinely stood the test of time, with content that seems to get better by the minute.

Aqeelah started her blog Fashion Breed as a means to express herself, during her final year in Media and Writing, Film and Drama at the University of Cape Town.

“[Fashion Breed] has always been an extension of my interests, growth and personal life too. It is more than just a blog because it’s been around for seven years and a lot of my readers/followers have followed along with me. I don’t do it for “fame” or to be just another Instagram girl but to inspire women to be independent, to be creative, to dress well, to make their own opportunities, to be themselves, to stick to their roots and support other women.”

On her blog, Aqeelah shares more with us than just outfit inspo and beauty tips, she allows her reader into her world of fashion, beauty and travel. It sure is hard not to feel inspired, empowered and brave after reading one of her flawlessly written pieces.

It has been seven years since Aqeelah started Fashion Breed and today, it is way more than just a blog. The blog and its social media accounts have become Aqeelah’s full time job, although she has a degree as well as a professional make-up artist qualification.

In 2016, Aqeelah introduced her followers to her YouTube channel where she also uploads fashion and beauty tutorials, but has a wonderful and thought provoking series called ‘Cover, Girl’, in which she offers styling tips for women who share her Muslim faith as well as women who would like to dress modestly in trendy and stylish ways.

“…I love and embrace my style, and through this series I aim to help other women who are starting to cover up to feel the same way…”

If you thought that’s all Aqeelah can do, think again! Once again following her passion and using her skills as a make-up artist, Aqeelah designed her own false eyelash range Lashes by Fashion Breed, consisting of six different styles of reusable, false lashes; catering for every women’s lash preference.

With all these amazing skills under her belt, it’s no wonder this month’s Featured Influencer is a favorite, not only amongst her followers, but has grabbed the attention of amazing brands like Adidas, Cotton On, Country Road, Refinery, Clinique, KLM Airlines, Sunglass Hut, RimmelLondon, Canal Walk, Revlon and Optrex; to name only a few.

I really do love me a woman for women and that is my favourite thing about Aqeelah. You go girl! To catch up with Aqeelah and all the amazing work she does, head over to her blog www.fashionbreed.co.za.

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