Feature Influencer: Aisha Baker

Blogging has over the years formed a major part in forming what we call influencers today, with some bloggers making a lucrative career out of these online diaries. One such influencer, Aisha Baker grew her blog, from a pastime while she was a student, to a brand that she plans to grow into more than just a blog. Aisha founded BakedOnline in 2009 when launching her first blog bakedtheblog.com as a first year student.

“I want Baked to live independently to me eventually so we can grow and continue to inspire women beyond just digital and create job opportunities for young upcoming creatives.”

When they say that dynamite comes in small packages, Aisha Baker is one of the first people that pop into my head. The pint size creative is not only one of the sweetest women I’ve met but also one of the smartest women I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with.

Aisha’s style is also one of my favorite things about her. Her trip to New York for Fashion Week showed all her followers that Aisha has a very international take on trends and is just the kind of forward thinking influence the fashion industry needs in South Africa.

When it comes to her inspirations, Aisha makes no secret of the fact that her grandmother was and still is her style icon and inspiration. Although her grandmother isn’t completely sure what the influencer industry is all about, I don’t doubt that she is a proud mentor today.

Earlier this year, Aisha did an interview with Sunday Independent and explained what it means to be an influencer in the perfect way.

“Primarily I am a fashion and beauty blogger – with that title I am also a content producer, CEO, script writer, marketing director, accountant, you name it. I do it all to run this passion of mine that has flourished into a career path. As my success with my blogging platform increases so do the parameters of my job description.”

And that is why we love us some Aisha Baker, beauty and one hell of a brain! Keep shining girl!

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