About Me

There is always more than meets the eye. Up to this point, you’ll know the side of me that has been portrayed by the media and my ambassador roles for Picot & Moss, Woolworths A/W 2015, Witchery S/S 2016, Vince Camuto, Brutal Fruit and Stylista. With this website, I hope you’ll get to know me better.

I’m Sarah Langa, 23 and currently in my second year of studies at Wits. My major is Psychology with a minor in Marketing. I’m married to a man I love and I take pride in being a young wife.

“Many schools only teach students how to pass.”

Education is very important to me. When I entered varsity, I realised that there are different levels of education. Many schools only teach students how to pass. While I was good at school, I knew I had to bridge a gap to keep up with my studies. That’s why I support Young Einsteins. Their tutors whole-heartedly invest in each student that attends extra lessons, ensuring that students don’t just pass but actually grasp the learning material. I currently assist many of the students in a financial capacity too.

“I have a passion for travel and fashion, and I’m very lucky that so many of you can relate.”

My road to success wasn’t planned. I have a passion for travel and fashion, and I’m very lucky that so many of you can relate. Being based in Jozi provides a major inspiration for me. It is our city of light, possibility and the place where so many local and international influences come together. To me it was obvious, what better way to showcase our unique lifestyle than through Instagram? I know there are so many of you out there trying to make your mark and I hope that you will use this space to ask me questions and to gain exposure to the social media influencer industry.

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