Maison Corthay Shoes

I am really enjoying how much men’s fashion has improved over the last few years. So much so that some girls have made ‘a well dressed man’ part of their “Perfect Man Wishlist”.

One men’s fashion item that I think has evolved quicker than most is the men’s shoe. In 1979, Pierre Corthay took on an apprenticeship @ the world famous French Compagnons du Devoir, which is one of the world’s most challenging schools for craftsmen and that was the start of amazing bespoke shoes forever. Pierre and his younger brother Christophe opened their first store in 1990, when Pierre was just 27 years old. This partnership marked the beginning of Maison Corthay, which I believe houses some of the best quality, fitted and trendy shoes for men.

Maison Corthay has a store in Sandton, Johannesburg and showcased their wonderful collection on May 25th, which was mind-blowingly inventive, unique, daring and refreshingly timeless.

Men’s fashion has evolved so much that even women are keen to wear men’s items or designs modeled after men’s fashion items. I would love to pair any one of my girly dresses or bold cigarette pants with any one of these amazing shoes from Maison Corthay.

What do you think of the bespoke shoes by Maison Corthay?

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